Our field of expertise

We rely on technical solutions to provide market fit products and services, taking
benefit of a fast research and development cycle and real-life testing on in-house
made prototypes. With experience gained in multiple projects, our main focus
manifest in three sectors

Service robots

Smart interactive robots for event reception and interactive learning

Autonomous platforms

Self driving and remote controlled platforms for logistics and mobility

Consumable electronics

Market-fit craftly designed electronic consumable for everyday use

Our Skills

Mechanical design, simulation, and testing

Mobility system design and simulation

CAD design for injection molding

CFD & structural simulation​

Rapid prototyping & low volume production

Plastic molding and prototyping​

Metal working and assembly​

3D FDM printing​

Embedded systems design and production

PCB design, printing and assembly​

Closed loop control systems​

Wireless network and data link​

Autonomy and control systems development

Sensor data fusion and processing​

Automatic navigation and mapping systems​

Movement pattern algorithm​

Let's Team Up

Robolabs was founded under the belief that a future where robots can help humans is more thrilling than one where there is none. Today, Robolabs is actively developing the technologies to make this possible with the ultimate goal of facilitating humans' lives. Let's create the next successful robot together!


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